How do I get you my financial details?

It's probably easiest for everyone if you can provide us with a full copy of your working Quickbooks file. We understand it can be a little confusing trying to get this information out of Quickbooks and over to us, so we've provided some explanation here.

How do I become a client of JL Accounting?

That one’s easy! Just call us at 815-338-1040 and schedule an initial consultation. We’ll get together for a chat (in person or on the phone, if you’re not close by) and we’ll figure out exactly how we can help you get the tax assistance you need, when you need it.

I’m retired. Does JL Accounting have experience helping people like me?

Yes, we have a lot of experience helping retirees make the most of their tax situation. We are familiar with investment income taxation, real estate income taxation, pension taxation, and all of the other tax issues that retirees like you can face. You can have every confidence that we will do everything possible to help [...]

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